Design for mental healthcare facilities

Mental healthcare

facilities & safety


Solution to all issues related to mental health facilities design and safety.

Full architectural projects including medical technology, safety assessment and safety design.

Design decisions based on research and practice.

Therapeutic environments for mental healthcare

Mental healthcare

facilities & safety offer 


- architectural design of mental healthcare facility

- medical technology design for mental healthcare 

- safety assessement for mental healthcare facilities

- safety design for mental healthcare facilities

- ligature points assessment

- anti-suicide design

- physical environment suicide risk assessment 

Research & Design


Research is a basis for our design decisions especially for healthcare facilities and safety design.


All design decisions are supported by research and practise and consulted with top specialists in psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and psychiatric nursing.


The offer icludes also:

- post occupancy evaluation of mental health facilities

- expertise 

- research 


By request,

the Evidence Based Design process might be included.